RPB Bambu Mosedia

Present as the first modern bamboo processing factory in NTT to provide value add to bamboo products through a modern industry that produces bamboo boards laminate (Bamboard) for building construction and furniture (Mosedia) for support construction of houses, hotels, villas, restaurants, cafes, offices and others.

Areas in NTT that already bear it sustainable harvest certificate covering an area of 121.9 Ha with as many bamboo clumps 9,630 clusters.

In the short and medium term it is introduce to the wider community that Bamboo can be produced in a modern way building material and furniture needs, too develop a factory management system with larger scale to be able to produce more bamboo, zero defects, and on time.

The production target for RPB Bambu Mosedia is laminated bamboo boards with capacity volume 66 m3 per month, furniture around 400 – 800 units per year, bamboo house prefabrication and/or parts thereof around 50 – 100 units per year, and those in the development program are pellets, charcoal and liquid smoke